What Do I Need To Wear/bring?

Wear anything comfortable, which allows free movement e.g. a track suit or leggings and a t-shirt.  Yoga is done with bare feet, although socks are a good idea for relaxation.  Layers can also be sensible.  Bring a blanket to cover yourself for relaxation or at least an extra sweater as the body cools when resting.  You will need to bring something to lie on, ideally a yoga mat (I do have a few for use during class), but a gym mat or even a towel could be used initially.  If you do yoga regularly yoga blocks and a belt can also be very useful. 

Should I Eat Before Hand?

Ideally, you should allow 3 hours after a large meal or an hour and a half after a snack or very light meal, before practising yoga.

Please inform me of any medical conditions or physical injuries, so that I can advise you of suitable modifications or alternatives to postures where necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask me. 


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