My first taste of yoga was in 1997 when a friend suggested I go along to the class at my gym.  She said, "It's great exercise and you'll feel really chilled out at the end of it!"  It was and I did.  I quickly felt improvements in my general fitness and flexibility as well as relief from stress.  From that day I haven't looked back.  Yoga became a necessity.  

I have been teaching since 2011. My training is with the British Wheel of Yoga on a 500 hour diploma course with Rosemary Bennett and the British Wheel of Yoga Pregnancy Module with Wendy Teasdil. 

Classes include a strong emphasis on the physical postures combined with breath awareness - building up to pranayama. They also include digestible chunks of information on the benefits of yoga and of yoga philosophy.

Antenatal yoga, for individuals or small groups, combines modified postures with suitable breathing techniques and use of mantra, visualisation and relaxation. 

I am enthusiastic to share the gems of yoga with anyone who wishes to start or continue their journey with this ancient and wonderful practice!


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