Are you looking for some time for yourself?  Do you sometimes feel tired when you've just slept or lethargic in the evenings? Do you find that little things add up and get on top of you?  Are you stressed out by work, home-life or just life in general?  

Yoga can help provide relief from many modern day ailments such as stress, anxiety, back pain and problems caused by poor posture.  Life continues with all its ups and downs.

Yoga can make the journey easier, calmer and more enjoyable.  

The popularity of yoga is due, largely, to the huge number of benefits it brings. This is highlighted in Every Woman’s Yoga.

“Yoga’ health benefits may well be the reason that more than six million Americans, most of them women, now practice yoga.  Name a body system, and you will find research that demonstrates yoga’s benefit of that system.  Through yoga practice, one’s cardiovascular and digestive systems are strengthened and cleansed.  The immune system is fortified.  Every organ and gland is refreshed and gently stimulated.  Nerves are toned while the entire nervous system is balanced.  The mental chatter of the mind, so powerful in creating or destroying health, is transformed into a one-pointed tool of decisive discrimination.  The Hatha practices give you flexibility, strength, agility, endurance, and balance, which means you have greater ability to move. It is an anti-aging tool.”

A long list of, simply stated, benefits can be found in Therapeutic Yoga by Dr Ali Bar:

It regulates your breathing; It increases your energy; It stretches and works most of the muscles in the body; It improves the circulation of blood and lymph; It can exercise some involuntary muscles; It calms and de-stresses you; It exercises the mind; It improves your posture; It is suitable for all ages and abilities; It is safe; It cleanses the body.

The aim of yoga is to bring balance to body, mind and spirit.  So why not bring some balance into your life and give it a go? What have you got to lose?


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